C’mon Man! – Refs Edition

Watching the Texans vs Raiders game on Monday night, it was a tough one to watch. I found myself fairly upset with the refs.

They blew 3 separate game changing calls right in front of my eyes. The hardest part? Of course I’m a Texans fan. But watching it, I thought to myself as someone that has reffed a lot and wants to get into data and sports, this could be fixed.

Data could fix the solution that is bad referring. If data could be processed in real time, we could have a definitive answer to if something was a foul or an infraction. Refs could be set up with a system so they always get it perfect. That would fix the solution of games being screwed up by refs, just like the game Monday night. What a terrible game. C’mon man!


Taking a Different Look

Stepping away from just the hard data stuff of the blog here, I found an article talking about the benefits of a sports management degree. I was just looking at possible programs to go to and ran across this article.

With my experience in rugby and playing at the level that I do, I’ve already got a leg up on the competition. If I go ahead and get my masters degree in sports administration, I think I’ll have a good chance at landing a job that I’ll love.

Here’s the article I found:

Making Data Sexy

After my last post and describing data as sexy, I decided to run a fun experiment. Googling “Making data sexy” and see what pops up.

Low and behold, the very first hit was this article:

Makin’ data sexy. This article is awesome. It concentrates on the visualization side of data, with they say is the most important part of the industry. I tend to agree with them. If you can’t attractively present your data, no one is going to care about your data.

The Importance of a Story

Lets face it, data can be pretty boring. We have all sat through a crappy presentation that just has a sheet of data on the slide and you can’t even read half of it and you have no idea what any of it means.

So how do we solve this problem? We emphasize the importance of visual communication skills. Being able to present data is a sexy way is important. I like using the term sexy, mainly because of one of my favorite shows, New Girl. Schmidt always talks about making his marketing work sexy. Being able to present data in this way makes it way more appealing.

This article I found talks a little bit more about making data sexy again:

Fantasy Time

After a while, the articles you start to read seem to be the same over and over. I found this article and I love that it talks about fantasy sports along with data. I haven’t read an article before this one that took this angle on the subject.

My favorite part is definitely looking at the graph of players per year. Just seeing how fast it has rocketed up in insane.

Check it out here: