The Real Time Data Advantage

tennisfigure1Data analytics can give your team or player an edge, so how do you get a leg up on your opponent? You do it faster. You do it real time, during the match. Previous posts have touched on it with the hardware needed and particularly in baseball where being able to have that data analysis at your fingertips is priceless, but this article takes a bit deeper of a look into it, specifically in the tennis stadium.

Real time data tracking is now being used in tennis, a sport known for its history and its stubbornness for change. They have long been against technology, just recently allowing challenges using Hawk-Eye.

This article also discusses the role it plays with the fans. WTA now has a mobile app that gives fans access to the data so they can feel like they are as informed as the coaches, and it really helps get them involved.

Check it out:




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