How About a Masters?

After initially looking at SAS as a possible future company to apply for, I’ve started to realize that maybe I want to get into Sports Data instead of just data in general. To do that, I’ve been looking into some possible options. I could try and get a job in the field right off the bat, and use my USA Rugby internship as a platform to try and do so, or I could try and get into a masters program.

My girlfriend is trying to get into law school, and is looking mainly down south for schools. So what if I looked for a program down south in something like Sports Admin or Sports Management? Here is a list of pros and cons for each of the big schools I’m looking into.

Possible Schools

Baylor – Great law school for the girlfriend, pretty good sports admin program. No available GA positions as of now

University of Texas – Decent law school, amazing sports admin program (the best in Texas), no available GA positions as of now

University of Houston – meh law school, decent sports admin program, GA position available, hometown and close to friends and family

Southern Methodist University – good law school, great sports admin program, no GA positions, good location

Texas A&M – pretty good law school (but not in College Station), good sports admin program, perfect GA position available, close to Houston


Getting a masters degree is a great option for me going forward, and it seems to me that Texas A&M would be the best place for me to go for my masters. But if GA positions become available at any of the other schools, I could definitely have some other options going forward.


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