Fear of the Fans

This article has a couple of sections in it that talk about some interesting things, but I want to focus on one in particular. The last section with the subheading “SPORTS’ DATA AND THE FALL OF FUN.”

Professional Sports Get Makeover From Big Data


The overall basis of the section is to talk about how so much data could actually ruin fan experiences. They state that companies having so much access to data could end up manipulating fans too much. My argument, is that it is already happening. Marketing teams are already manipulating people immensly and subconciously making them do things that they want, or buy things they want. So whats the fear? The fear is of change. The article specifically talks about baseball, which is a sport notorious for hating change. “It’s America’s past time!” Oh give me a break. Let the revolution happen. Data is coming (insert Game of Thrones intro music here).


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