Being Shaped by Current Jobs

After realizing that I wanted to most likely wanted to go to grad school, I started looking into the logistics. Planning out how I would make this happen. So lets go through the steps.

Choosing a School

I’ll eventually have to narrow down my school list to the ones I want to apply to, but for now all the Texas schools are still on my list. To recap, my school list currently is: Baylor, UT, SMU, UH, and A&M.

Applying for a GA

To pay for grad school, I’m definitely going to need to get a GA position to pay for school. The easiest option for me to choose would be a GA position in Intramural or Club Sports. This is the office that I currently work in as both an office assistant and supervisor. My boss Adam went through his GA at Oregon State and is excited for me to try and do the same at a different school. I’ve talked to him about giving me references and hopefully getting into a good school. He’s helping me with my applications and I’m hoping it will all work out in the end.

How I’m Qualified

Earlier in the year we talked about qualifications for jobs, and even had an assignment about it. So why am I qualified to get into a sports admin program and get a GA position in intramural sports? I’m a natural sports person. I’m a leader. I’m motivated to help in any way I can. I grew up playing sports and have always been involved, but I’ve also got an administration side to me, making me perfect for a sports admin program.



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